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Jun 29, 2022

A new type of Open Data event

In Zagreb, Croatia and ONLINE

December, 7th, 2022

Location TBA

Open-data is a great source of raw information, yet too often organizations consider it as a chore that is only done because of regulatory compliance.

Why not use the open-data published to gain insights into the data integrity / quality of that data?

Would the world not be a better place if we all just took a bit more interest in our open-data?

The organizers behind OpenDataConnected think so. We want to try something different from other open-data related hackathons and events.

  • OpenDataConnected is not going to develop an app during the conference
  • OpenDataConnected is going to analyze the quality of existing open data and work on improving that
  • OpenDataConnected is about finding solutions to open data quality sustainability

If this sounds like a good idea, join us on the 7th of December in Zagreb and Online!

OpenDataConnected Kick-Off – 7th December 2022

Slidedecks from the event on the 7th of December 2022 Opening presentation by Svebor Prstacic - How to make Open Data Great again HrOpen-Making-Open-Data-Great-Again-presentation_OpenDataConnected Introduction by Hans de Raad - The state and challenges of Croatian...

How to go from here? Future ambitions and follow-ups

An organizations ability to use its data effectively and reliably is dependent on the quality of that data. For example, if you have a database of company names and addresses that is accurate and valid, but you don't also have other data that tells you more about...

Lessons learned from business models based on open data

Different business models and understanding which one suits their goal are challenges for open data-driven organizations. Many data-driven organizations, especially small- to medium-sized enterprises, are still struggling to generate revenue by adapting to the changes...

Open Data strategy and targets from a public perspective

In this Topic, we will look at governmental organizations and political parties with strong open-data policies and ambitions. Several obstacles impede an ambitious policy towards publication of open data. Investments in infrastructure, software, and staff resources...

Data integrity and quality findings on Croatian open data

The volume of data held by the public sector is constantly increasing. The data ranges from sensitive personal information used to deliver personalized services (such as health and social care) to non-personal information (such as environmental data). This data...