How to go from here? Future ambitions and follow-ups

Dec 3, 2022

An organizations ability to use its data effectively and reliably is dependent on the quality of that data. For example, if you have a database of company names and addresses that is accurate and valid, but you don’t also have other data that tells you more about these companies and their connection to your organizations value proposition or policy objectives, this database is not as useful as it could be.

The data industry has been ruled by substandard data that’s not well-defined, doesn’t have a history/traceability, uses non-standardized identifiers, and doesn’t have uniformed feedback loops for data quality. Now, in a data-driven world, this is no longer good enough. What is needed is transparent data—clearly defined, with full attribution, open identifiers, and public availability for the best quality feedback loops. Changing this situation is what OpenDataConnected is working towards!

OpenDataConnected positions itself as a forum for participation not only by open-data publishing organizations, but also by open-data consuming and reusing organizations.

We are committed to stimulating and enabling aspects of open-data value propositions, such as

  • Promoting efficiency gains in data integration, the network effect causes both quality improvements on the publishing side and adoption on the consumption/reuse side
  • To help open-data providers align on modern technology and formats, we are formulating forward looking strategies.
  • We encourage linking datasets and the creation of integrated services that outline the benefits of interoperability and the opportunities for data-reuse between open-data publishing organizations themselves.
  • We aim to promote the publication of semantic models of datasets, and enhance the transparency of data structures in order to improve the navigation, adoption, and upgradeability of datasets and datamodels.
  • Best practise guidance and stimulating “champions” of open-data publication and usage

We know from our years of experience in open source software and open data communities that change is a continuous and ongoing process. Therefore, we are committed to making OpenDataConnected a recurring and increasingly relevant forum for participating in this domain. The next event will be part of the annual DORS/CLUC conference in spring 2023. Please keep an eye out for further updates!

OpenDataConnected Kick-Off – 7th December 2022

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