Reframing OpenDataConnected

Dec 2, 2022

A true snowball effect has begun around OpenDataConnected! The result of a relatively modest import of Croatian open data sources into our Aranei data management platform resulted in an international group of interested and helpful people. After many considerations and many more conversations, we feel that it is actually part of a triad of concepts that need to be treated holistically.

Open data cannot exist without open standards, and open standards are connected to open-source software. Open-source software is part of the technology stack for publishing open data, and there we have a nice circle.

Given the scope of the task, we’ve decided to take a different approach and tackle it in smaller, more manageable chunks. We decided to take a closer look at what we are trying to create, facilitate and promote. The key element there is actually interaction, conversation, and discussion.

So, let’s re-frame the December 7th event as an afternoon session where we have our kick-off workshop/open table conversation about what it is that we, together with you as participants, want to address in the upcoming months through monthly or bi-weekly meetups. More exact details and invites for next Wednesday will follow over the weekend!

We’ll reflect on some of the findings on our experiences with the Zagreb/Croatian open data, we want to work together with you on how to define value propositions from those datasets and most important we want to have an open conversation with you, OpenDataConnected participants on which topics are of interest to you for the next couple of months.

On our annual DORS/CLUC conference in May, we will then have a fully inclusive OpenDataConnected track to bring all those pieces together!

OpenDataConnected Kick-Off – 7th December 2022

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