HR Open Standards Consortium

Founded in 1999, the HR Open Standards Consortium is the only independent, non-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to the development and promotion of a standard suite of specifications to enable human-resource-related data exchanges.

Our voluntary consensus standards are free. Current, global HR vocabularies are developed in a transparent, collaborative based environment open to all HR technologists and organizations.

Global adoption of HR Open Standards through broad collaboration.

HR Open provides the place where industry leaders collaborate to enable innovation.

Open Standards: Participation ensures your company’s HR technology needs are addressed. Allows a focus on solution differentiation instead of vendor lock-in.

Networking & Alliances: Provides an environment to collaborate with like-minded colleagues of different skill sets and job functions. Creates opportunities to work with top-level management across the industry to form business alliances.

Engagement & Expertise: Access, insight, and input into best practices and technology direction and the opportunity to participate in all aspects.

Level Playing Field: All organizations, regardless of size, have access to the same resources and can bring perspectives to the table.

Resource Utilization: Saves research and development time, investment, and human capital compared to custom implementation.


OpenNovations is an independent ICT consultancy firm with a specific focus on security / privacy related technical and compliance issues, working on the cross-over domain between “business” and ICT. Our primary area of business is in tightly regulated domains such as healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

OpenNovations provides a broad range of services including development, security assessments, training/consultancy and project management. Years of experience in working with government agencies as well as private enterprise, including the whole range from SME to internet startups.

Open source, open standards, software security / privacy, development coaching, identity management, computerized systems validation, ICT architecture, infrastructure management, data warehousing, e-archiving, business intelligence, information governance


Aranei is a business process information management system. It is specifically designed to facilitate an existing business process by serving information, instead of forcing a client to redesign a process to serve a system. ​Aranei is built on open-source components and open web standards, so your data is always under your control both now and in the future.

Aranei is a web-based relational-database-driven system which has been in development and use for the past decade. Its precise goal is replacing the spreadsheet or legacy client-server applications but achieving this replacement without altering the process or the information structure. This improves the overall reliability and accountability of the data migration and operational use of the system.

Business value promises
Speed of implementation through a standardized process, from project start to initial import within 4 weeks
Predictable costs through modular components
Data and application functionality under the client’s own control