Beyond Fire and Forget

12th May 2023


About the conference

Open-data is a great source of raw information, yet too often public organizations consider it as a chore that is only done because of regulatory compliance.
At OpenNovations we’ve recently imported about a hundred of open-datasets from the Croatian and Zagreb government as a test of our flagship Aranei data management platform. The quality of them turned out to be slightly variable, and as good citizens we decided to see what we can do about that!

Why not use the open-data published to gain insights into the data integrity / quality of that data? We asked ourselves, and had a brainstorm with our friends at HROpen.
Would the world not be a better place if we all just took a bit more interest into our open-data?

So how is OpenDataConnected different from other open-data related hackathons and events?

  • OpenDataConnected  is not  going to develop an app during the conference.
  • OpenDataConnected  is going to analyze the quality of existing open data and work on improving that!


OpenDataConnected was started because of the realization that the current state of public open data quality is less than desirable. Also, it seems that other Open Data related initiatives and hackathons mainly serve as a competition for app-builders to show off their skills, which, however amazing their skills are, usually doesn’t result in many sustainable long-term results.

After our own analysis at OpenNovations using our Aranei data management platform of the datasets provided by the Croatian public authorities we found that there are many data-integrity issues, discrepancies and semantic deviations between datasets.

We conclude that with the current state of data integrity and quality of publicly available open data it’s not realistic to aim for consistent and sustainable use cases or business opportunities based on this data. We need this problem to be addressed and resolved before any meaningful follow-up can be given to the implementation of use cases based on open data.

At OpenNovations and HROpen we believe in transparency and collaboration, that’s why we’ve initiated the OpenDataConnected conference as a starting point, and by no means an end-point. We will continue after the initial conference in collaboration with the annual DORS/CLUC conference to make sure we touch base regularly and keep the momentum.

We will actively engage with the public bodies publishing the open datasets to make them aware of any issues and help them resolve those.

Help improve
our open data

Join us at DORS CLUC – Zagreb on the 12th of May 2023 and see how we can work on the quality of our existing open data together! See OpenDataConnected – DORS/CLUC 2023 (


News & announcements

Reframing OpenDataConnected

A true snowball effect has begun around OpenDataConnected! The result of a relatively modest import of Croatian open data sources into our Aranei data management platform resulted in an international group of interested and helpful people. After many considerations...

Open Data values

Please don't think of this as a lecture. This is not just a talk or a workshop. It's an experience and an exploration into the values of OpenData, and you are all take part in it! Open data can be defined as “any data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed...

Make a difference with Open Data

Open data can be used for the common good, and it has the power to change lives. Open-data is a good thing. The world is a better place when we share information freely and openly with one another. There are many examples of open-data being used in positive ways: In...

Save the date!

A new type of Open Data event In Zagreb, Croatia and ONLINE December, 7th, 2022 Location TBA Save to your calendar! Open-data is a great source of raw information, yet too often organizations consider it as a chore that is only done because of regulatory compliance....

7th December 2022 KICKOFF EVENT Schedule


Sessions / workshops

1330 – 1400

Kick off!

Data integrity and quality findings on Croatian Open data

1400 – 1500 Lessons learned from business models based on open data – Determining business value propositions with open data
1500 – 1700 How to go from here? Blue sky thinking, looking at the combined datasets, which use cases can be identified? Future ambitions and follow-ups of OpenData Connected
1700 – Closing, networking and virtual drinks!


OpenDataConnected: A Special Finale at DORS/CLUC Conference in Zagreb on May 12th, 2023

We are excited to announce that the OpenDataConnected conference initiative will have its final podium at the DORS/CLUC conference in Zagreb, Croatia, on the 12th of May, 2023. This separate track, called OpenDataConnected, will showcase successful open data...

Interoperability between Open Data publications and with “Data spaces”

One of the main reasons the current state of Open Datasets is so disconnected is because of the limitations imposed on the content and actual releases of broader sets of data. Not all data can be opened. Reasons include business, privacy, regulatory, social, and...

Open Data distribution methods (pods, distributed ledger, IPFS, federated)

In this section, we will explore the current state and challenges of open data distribution, and explore possible solutions. Open data is the new default. Rather than having public officials deciding which datasets are worthy of public release and thus subjecting them...

How to go from here? Future ambitions and follow-ups

An organizations ability to use its data effectively and reliably is dependent on the quality of that data. For example, if you have a database of company names and addresses that is accurate and valid, but you don't also have other data that tells you more about...

Blue sky thinking, looking at the combined datasets of Croatia, which use cases can be identified?

As more open data becomes available, governments and organizations need to think about the needs of the different types of people who use this data. There simply is no single typical use case of open (government) data. We will explore how open data can be fully...

Lessons learned from business models based on open data

Different business models and understanding which one suits their goal are challenges for open data-driven organizations. Many data-driven organizations, especially small- to medium-sized enterprises, are still struggling to generate revenue by adapting to the changes...

Determining business value propositions with open data, a hands-on approach

The world of open data is growing very quickly, and while it may seem strange to build a business around open data, new models are being created more often and showing how to use open data in a business in a useful and profitable way. Understanding what type of open...

Open Data strategy and targets from a public perspective

In this Topic, we will look at governmental organizations and political parties with strong open-data policies and ambitions. Several obstacles impede an ambitious policy towards publication of open data. Investments in infrastructure, software, and staff resources...

Data integrity and quality findings on Croatian open data

The volume of data held by the public sector is constantly increasing. The data ranges from sensitive personal information used to deliver personalized services (such as health and social care) to non-personal information (such as environmental data). This data...