Make a difference with Open Data

Jul 16, 2022

Open data can be used for the common good, and it has the power to change lives. Open-data is a good thing. The world is a better place when we share information freely and openly with one another.

There are many examples of open-data being used in positive ways:

  • In Kenya, citizens collected over 1 million records of land ownership using an open database provided by Google Earth. This information was then used to hold corrupt officials accountable for their mismanagement of public funds and poor allocation of land parcels.

  • In India, volunteers from the Citizens Foundation worked with local governments to collect data about water quality in schools across Delhi; this led to more than 80% improvement in school drinking water quality over just seven months! It also helped identify areas where there were no toilets or handwashing facilities at all – leading them to install them as well!

Together we can make sure that open-data is available and if necessary improve its quality so that people around the world can benefit from it too.

OpenDataConnected Kick-Off – 7th December 2022

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